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Heading for a hang around in Hongkong & Macau

Heading for a hang around in Hongkong & Macau

The plan to 8 days trip to Hong Kong and Macau as a group of 15 ,all materialised with the initiative and a strong drive from a couple of people in the group, one needs a special mention .He is Mr. Ravi, who is my husband's Neyveli school friend , based in Bangalore now . He had already done many visits to Mount Kailash, Leh , Vaishnudevi,  Egypt tours , Europe tours, Singapore  etc and loves more adventures, trekking etc.  We have joined  many trips with his family as a group earlier too within and outside India . Mr. Ravi has an innate ability to guide and lead the group efficiently throughout the trips in a very cool manner and with a smiling face too .

Friends from Chennai,  Bangalore,  Delhi, Dubai all gathered and joined to form  group of 5 families of 3 each ,all together  15 people at Hong Kong  with energy,  enthusiasm and excitement . Interesting to note that people with different mother tongues like Tamil,  Telugu,  Kan…

My Mumbai experience in 1990s

My Mumbai experience 

My Mumbai experience all started after marriage for nearly 2 years ,1993-1995.

Before stepping on the soil of Mumbai  in 1993 , my Bangalore friends warned me , "Mumbai is a fast city unlike Bangalore which goes to sleep early and starts the day late going with the weather ".
The all new life after marriage started with a thrill in the new place filled with lots of excitements. The company
allotted flat in Santa Cruz west welcomed me with both hands . A couple of Punjabi neighbours had become very friendly not to leave Sheila aunty,  a Lahore based Punjabi old lady,70yrs old .She insisted she needs to be called as, aunty not Maaji ,as it would make her feel old. I had a great admiration for her.  Her personality,  the tall physique, glowing complexion, her lips smeared with light pink lipstick,  her neatly pressed Punjabi salwar suits she used for her daily wear, which made her look like a beauty,  her impressive English and Hindi pronunciation and styl…
What is a Bhajan or Satsang ?

For me, Bhajans ( sharing the divine)  means 1.closing the eyes 2. Get inside myself 3. Give your 100percent in singing , irrespective of the voice is pleasing to others or not.  B'cos bhajans is not one person singing and others listening & enjoying like in a concert. It's all singing together.  4. Synchronise with the group 5. Only the divine stays, other things vanishes or takes back seat.  6. Either singing the bhajans would lead to a meditative state or sing the bhajans in meditative state.  7.Once after the bhajan gets over,  could see the energy level raised up noticeably making us to feel more positive.  8.The environment filled up with positive vibrations.  9. Happiness can be seen all the faces of the people who participate in bhajans.  10. Can even see the animals like dogs would come and sit nearby to feel the peace. 
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar says,  " When we talk or just sit together,  each one…
Animals don't like that..

This forwarded video caught my attention so much that the small girl made me to watch this video again and again.
First of all that simple and pure innocence of the small one touches the heart. Secondly,  the way she emotes on expressing the reason for not eating the chicken or mutton is so beautiful and lovely.  It comes from deep inside her. The way she enquires if Fish an animal shows the spirit of enquiry in her.

The one seed of thought instilled in her as,  " The animals have similar life like us, they have likes & dislikes too,  have feelings like us!  " had kindled her so much that she started having the deep concern for the other lives.  This particular aspect prompted me to probe deeply on her attitude and the reasons for this peculiar or unusual  behaviour of hers  .

In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna says,  " A person just continues his next life spiritually from the point where he had exactly stopped in his previous life ! "…
What does Lord Shiva posture indicate?

Lord Shiva in this picture is seen in a very calm and pleasing posture with eyes open.  Normally he would be seen depicted with eyes fully or partially closed in meditative posture or in Natrajar posture ( dancing). The eyes open state represents the waking state of the divine consciousness.  
A demon is seen under Lord Shiva's feet.  This symbolically represents the negativities , which are kept under the control of divine consciousness.  Lord Shiva is also the lord of all the 5 elements called as Panchaboothas. Hence, on chanting Om Nama shivaya , we can bring down the ill effects of nine planets and negative forces and negative thoughts. He is also instrumental in bringing the transformation of the mind to a positive change and hence he is also called as the Lord of destruction. At the end of life,  he brings liberation to the souls by detaching the soul from the body. 
Secondly,  the sages are seen sitting near His feet. This symbolicall…

Light the lamp !!

The other day I happened to meet Bhanu didi,  Gurudev's sister,  when she addressed the volunteers of International women's conference in the Art of living Ashram at Bangalore.  This was the first time I met her at such a close proximity. Such a divine beauty & simplicity & radiance emanating from her.  She was down to earth and was chatting with us.  She mentioned about her facebook post on the reason for lighting the oil lamps at home or during any celebrations/ puja.   So beautifully she had put it across the various aspects involved in lighting the small oil or ghee lamps. Even she had asked us to add our own views on that too.  To read Bhanu didi's post :
Thinking on those lines, I started visualising my own experiences , how I feel while lighting the oil lamps. From childhood days,  having brought up in the family of Hindu tradition,  we have the habit of light…